Endurance Road

These bikes are built for long distance.  San Francisco to Big Sur- no problem!  Tall head tubes, extended wheel bases, and vertically compliant seat tubes are just some of the features these bikes typically tout- all to inspire rider confidence and provide comfort.  Riding around Lake Tahoe is a breeze on one of these bikes!

Performance Road

These bikes go fast.  Built for agility and speed, they are light and stiff; these bikes are for getting there first!

Women's Road Bikes

Ever ridden a bike that’s fit you perfectly?  Loved your seat?  Ridden with no discomfort?  We can do that.  THIS IS WHAT WE DO. A bike that fits you properly is safer, more comfortable, and allows you to ride with confidence. Whatever your goals, there’s a bike that will fit your needs, a bike that we can fit to you.  These bikes have features which include narrower handlebars, female saddles, and frames designed for women’s proportions.

Tri Bikes

Whether you are doing your first triathlon or training for an Ironman, we have the bikes and the expertise to help you!  We stock many tri bikes and can also set you up on a road bike that you can use in a triathlon.  Not to mention all the stuff you need to go on the bike.

Beginner Road Bikes

This is your gateway drug. We are talking a type of bike that is comfortable to ride, affordable, and will get you started on your long journey of bicycle obsession.

Financing and Layaway

We offer financing and layaway. We also have gift cards and accept all types of credit cards.

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