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Like many industries that involve the body, Bike Fit is an art form steeped in scientific inquiry. We at Spokesman use a variety of information and techniques in our bike fit and are constantly seeking out new information to absorb into our knowledge base.  We believe that while all of the fit ideologies have their own unique benefits, a bike fit with us is a medium in which we use our knowledge and experience to start a conversation with you about your sport, your passion, your bike fit.

While a fitting generally takes 2-3 hours for a road or mountain bike, a bike fit can vary due to a number of variables, including fitness, previous or current injuries, changes with equipment, and even within the sport itself. We are committed to your comfort, performance, and most importantly happiness on the bike, and are available always to make sure that is the case. Never hesitate to contact us with questions- let’s get you comfortable, fast, and ecstatic to ride your bike!

Comfort is top priority.

Comfort is the goal of proper bike fit whether one is a new rider or an experienced racer. A properly fit bike should be comfortable while providing maximum efficiency, power and safety. There is no reason for a person to be uncomfortable on a bicycle. We’ve been fitting people for over 30 years! We can improve your position and increase your comfort.


No two people are alike. Even people with identical anatomy have different flexibility thresholds, cycling goals and backgrounds. A bicycle must be adjusted to meet the specific needs of an individual rider, rather than the rider adjusting to accommodate the bicycle.

Once you have gone through a bike fit, we are happy to see you for a follow-up appointment if needed.  A free follow up is included within the first month after your initial fit.  Any additional follow ups are $75/hr for up to 2 years before we would need to start the fit process over again. Getting a second fitting on a bike in a new discipline within that 2 years qualifies for $100 off the fit price, as we will not have to go through the entire process again, and can instead focus on the discipline itself and any specific problem areas we find.

Static Bicycle Sizing- $125

  Premium Fitting- $295
(Includes analysis equipment, dynamic fit techniques, and physical assessment)

TT or Triathlon fitting- $350

Follow up session- $75/hr

“Happy Toes” Shoe Fit and Cleat Alignment Service- $75

“Happy Butts” Saddle Fitment and Alignment Service- $75


Our Fitters

Stephan Hoffman

Stephan Hoffman

Years of Fitting Experience

Wade Hall

Wade Hall

Years of Fitting Experience

Informational Fitting Videos

Wade Hall gives brief overviews on fitting techniques:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to my bike fit?
A. Helmet, Shoes, cycling or athletically fit clothing. Your current bike that is related to the fitting. Recently replaced shoes can be helpful too if you can bring em.
I have knee pain, will a bike fit help?
If it is a pain that is caused or exacerbated by cycling, YES! We can usually find the likely cause and the best solution. We will usually refer a client to a medical provider to correct body issues, our task is to get our clients riding now.  After proper medical mitigation we can a happy solution.
Can I get a bike fit for my mountain bike?
Common question, yes the same issues and solutions apply to Road, Mtn, Tri any type of cycling.
What if I ride after my fit and I have pain or discomfort?
The follow up visit is an integral aspect of a fitting. We like to see our clients 3-5 weeks later for a no charge 30 minute session.
What's the difference between a sizing and a fit?

We offer two variations of fitting here at Spokesman Bicycles. There is a tendency for bike shops and fit studios to call their bike sizing service a fitting, let me clarify how we see the two as separate services.

1. Sizing: In a sizing we set saddle height and saddle fore and aft (set back). We also set bar height and fore and aft (reach). These positions are based on long accepted “neutral” parameters and are done in concert with rider feed back on position and contact point comfort. On a new bike we will set the original equipment on the bike to the optimal position for rider comfort. We don’t trade out parts in order to adapt the fit on a new bike but, we do have a complete selection of components in our inventory.
A sizing can be looked at as an X-Y fitting. We set back angle, arm-elbow-forearm angle, knee angle and we position knee rotation center relative to foot/pedal rotation center. Our aim is to find a position that the rider is comfortable in and hopefully as efficient as possible.

2. Fitting:  A fitting starts off the bike with an interview and a full physical assessment.  We fit the bike TO the rider!  That means we don’t try to fit you to some ideal or preconceived notion of what a cyclist is supposed to look like on a bike.  Our goal is to set the bike up in a way that will support you in YOUR best possible “optimal” position.  The final fit has to be applicable to the rider’s physical limitations, strengths and weaknesses as well as addressing his or her goals and expectations.  It might be a knee pain issue, neck or low back pain, foot numbness or saddle contact point discomfort, there is almost no limit to the issues we are asked to address. Most fits have a performance enhancement /  optimization component that is an umbrella concern coloring every decision. By first doing a thorough physical assessment of a rider we can make more educated decisions on which change should be made in order to balance comfort and performance with their longer term riding goals.  We help all cyclists from professionals with injuries mid season who need to be set up and back racing in a couple weeks to very casual cyclists who just want to be sure they are in an optimal position for their recreational cycling interests.  A “fitting” can go anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours we also consider a no fee follow up session to be a critical part of the process. We utilize HD video (BG Data), Motion Capture (Retul) Remote Controlled Sizing Machine (Guru DFU) and MANY other fitting technologies.

What is the DFU?

A Dynamic Fit Unit is a motorized, fully adjustable fitting machine. Our friends at Roadworks made a nice quick video that describes it well.
You Tube Video

How long will the fit take?
Rarely less than 2 hours, up to 2.5
Will a bike fit make me faster?
One can rarely reach his/her fullest potential without a proper bike fit. We’ve worked with men and women professionals from the European pro peloton, pro triathletes, and mountain bike riders- they’re all hunting for speed! We’ve also spent many hours in the wind tunnel getting positions optimized for speed and performance. Short answer? Yes, a fitting absolutely CAN make a cyclist faster!
I did an online fit calculator for free, why should I get a bike fit from Spokesman?

A fit based on body measurements can ONLY be found on the Internet. In the rest of the fitting world we fit based on our clients strengths, weaknesses, range of motion and limitations in the upper and lower body, We look at stability, asymmetry and so many other aspects of our clients physical condition.
We might use body measurements as a starting point for a fit but, it’d be a rare instance that the final fit would look like an Internet solution.