My name is Stephan, and I am a fitter and salesman here at the Spokesman. I am an USAC certified cycling coach, a certified fitter, and an elite category 1 cyclist for Team Clif Bar. I have an extensive background in exercise physiology and human bio-mechanics, and I am your spin instructor here on Thursday nights. I also do the workouts with you, so make sure to take it easy on me! But, first and foremost, I am here to help you enjoy your sport more. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to come up and ask me, or send me an email. I am available before class, and after, and fairly vocal during, and I hope to see you here, next Thursday, at 6:30pm!

Thursday night Spin at the Spokesman the last few weeks has been a blast! Nu2Tri and SCTA have been an awesome audience and our customer drop in’s have been increasing! These classes are still free, so if you’re inclined, head on over to Spokesman on Thursday nights with your trainer and bike, and be ready to rock and roll at 630pm. Our classes are designed for all levels of riders, from those just starting their cycling career to our grizzled lycra-clad veterans, everyone can get a workout and learn something new.

In a given class, during the warmup we will go over the goals of the particular session we are about to do. Workout’s are divided up into intervals intended on working the different metabolic systems, either aerobic or anaerobic, through different “zones” of intensity. Most athletes will be using a RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale to judge their effort levels in the intervals. Using this RPE scale, we work to help athletes understand how to listen to their bodies and accurately judge their ability to sustain an effort level for a prescribed about of time and at a rate of repeatability for the duration of the workout, with or without the use of metrics such as heart rate or power. We also cover ongoing drills and pointers to developing efficient pedal stroke, cadence, good posture, breathing technique, and bike handling skills and reinforce them throughout the class in an effort to take good habits out onto the road.